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the inside story

about Birch


Birch is a company based out of western Massachusetts.  Each botanical lip balm is handmade in small batches of simple high quality certified organic ingredients. The company was started by the desire for a lip balm with no artificial ingredients or coloring, cruelty free and long lasting. There are many natural lip balms out there that fit this criteria. The issue was they seemed tacky, gritty or just too greasy. Birch has made a lip balm that is all of the good and none of the grit, just smooth long lasting lip wear with out synthetic ingredients. With no added harsh ingredients, there is no tricking you into constantly reapplying.  The aroma from organic essential oils, clean design and recyclable packaging are all added perks. I hope that you enjoy birch lip balm and take it everywhere with you as an addition to your lip care routine.




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